Hurricane Straps


Here is a picture of a hurricane strap. Modern Florida homes (and some older homes) had these metal straps installed during construction. Their purpose is to hold the roof on during a hurricane. They are metal straps that are embedded or fastened to the home’s exterior walls and then fastened to the trusses. These straps provide a permanent and strong structural connection between the roof and the exterior walls of the home. If you are buying a home or getting homeowners insurance, your insurance agent may ask you for a wind mitigation report. This report is an inspection of the hurricane straps as well as other hurricane-resistant features of the home. If you can prove (via the wind mitigation report) that the home has the adequate type of straps, with the correct number of nails, then there is a good possibility you will receive a discount on your homeowners insurance. If you would like Direct Inspections to perform a “Wind Mitigation Inspection” on your home you are welcome to contact us.

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