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Sarasota Sewer Camera Inspection

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Why Do You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Are you buying a home? Are you having sewer line trouble? Direct Inspections offers “Video Camera Inspections” of your home’s sewer line that connects the home to the county entrance. We operate in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Whether the home has an older Cast Iron Line or a newer PVC Line, blockages, defects and failures are common. Our Sewer Camera System allows us to see defects/failures in the main line. We are inspectors—we are not plumbers. Why is this important? Because, this allows us to offer you an unbiased opinion of the sewer line, without the pressure to sell any services such as: cleaning, jetting, repair or replacement services. After our inspection, we provide you with a written report and photos identifying the issues that were observable.

Direct Inspections Sewer Camera Inspection


Top 5 Questions About Video Sewer Line Inspections


1. What is a sewer camera inspection?

An inspector will run a sewer video camera down into the sewer line. They will assess the condition of the sewer pipe looking for a variety of problems that can occur. This is normally done by accessing a clean out in the yard. Common problems include roots growing into the pipes, blockages, damage pipes and low spots which are also called bellies. Sewer lines need to flow smoothly with gravity so any problems in the line can quickly become a problem.

Scale and Grease Buildup in Pipes

Scale and Grease Buildup in Pipes

2. Should I get a sewer video inspection when buying an older home?

Most of the older homes in Southwest Florida have cast iron sewer lines. The life expectancy of these lines is between 40 and 80 years depending on several factors. Acidic soils can shorten the life expectancy of cast-iron drain lines. Chemical drain cleaners are often used because of blockages and can shorten the life of a sewer line. Also the lifespan of the pipes is affected by the amount of usage. A heavily occupied home or business will wear the pipe out faster. Increased usages and servicing of the drain line will affect its longevity.

3. Should I get my sewer line inspected when buying a newer home?

Since the mid 1970s PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has been the material of choice foremost residential and commercial sewer lines. The estimated lifespan is said to be indefinite by many experts. However problems occur with poor installation or damage that are not age-related. Roots can grow into PVC pipes from poorly sealed joints or cracked areas. The pipes may have been laid unevenly with dips or valleys which naturally form blockages. In some new construction instances the pipes can be completely crushed by other contractors.

Sewer Pipe Root Intrusion Bee Ridge Road Sarasota

Sewer Pipe Root Intrusion

4. How much does it cost to run a camera down the sewer line?

According to costhelper.com, “A residential video sewer inspection can cost $100-$800, but averages about $250-$500, depending on the length of the pipes, local rates, if the inspection is being done in conjunction with other work or as a separate job, and whether the images are just sent to a monitor or are recorded for later viewing.” http://home.costhelper.com/camera-inspection.html

5. Should I use a home inspector or a plumber to inspect the sewer line?

Hiring a home inspector is typically the most objective method do you have the sewer line examined. Home inspectors do not perform any cleaning, water jetting, repairs or replacements of sewer lines. Because of this they are unbiased and only want to tell you the lines condition. Plumbers, depending on the company, might be motivated to upsell services or repairs. These services typically include high pressure water jetting, chemical cleaning, relining the sewer pipe or replacing the pipes completely.

Cracked Offset Sewer Pipes

Cracked Offset Sewer Pipes

Sewer Line Blockages Debris

Sewer Line Blockages Debris


Cast-Iron & PVC Inspection Video

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