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Hello, I'm Michael Koester, CMI (Certified Master Inspector) & Founder of Direct Inspections. We are a professional, customer-focused inspection company working in the Sarasota & Manatee region. Our inspections include evaluation of the Roofing System, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, Structure, Interior, Pool & Spa. For you convenience, we can also schedule an independent Termite Specialist & HVAC Professional! Furthermore, we can provide contacts for special examinations including Mold, Dock & Davit, Elevator, Chinese Drywall and many more. Just ask!
Michael Koester, CPI, Home Inspector
Michael Koester, CMI, Owner
Direct Inspections
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State of Florida
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HVAC Inspection Sarasota

HVAC Inspection Sarasota

Thanks for checking out our page on HVAC Inspection Sarasota. Here you’ll find an introduction to our service and some images of HVAC systems we inspected recently. HVAC systems in Florida are necessary, not optional. Therefore, it is important to have the HVAC system properly inspected. As part of our complete home inspection service, we bring along a licensed HVAC company to evaluate your system. Why is this important? Because HVAC systems deserve more than the cursory review. By bringing along an HVAC partner, it enables us to open up the systems to see what is really going on. Often we encounter black growth (which can be harmful to breathe), dirty cooling coils and impacted blower wheels. Also, our HVAC partners will check the refrigerant pressures which may indicate if a systems is leaking, healthy or just “propped up” for the day of the inspection.

How long will an HVAC system last in Florida? The average lifespan is 8-12 years because our systems run nearly all year long; they are hard workers! Also the extreme heat, humidity and salty air near the shore has a tendency to speed up the aging process. If you have the system properly maintained and serviced you can extend your chances but 8-12 years is the average lifespan. After 12 years, you are on “bonus time.” After 12 years, HVAC systems are considered depreciated similar to when a car reaches 250,000 miles. Yes, with servicing and care an air conditioning system can last quite a bit longer but that will depend on the quality of the components. We have seen systems from the 1980s & 1970s that were still functioning but most of their internal components had been replaced. Technology has advanced significantly making newer systems more efficient. Therefore we advise replacing older depreciated systems if they run into a serious issue that costs a lot to repair. Thanks for checking out our page on HVAC Inspection Sarasota.