Problems to Look Out For When Buying a Home in Sarasota

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by Michael Koester, Certified Master Inspector, Owner of Direct Inspections

Buying a home or condo in Sarasota is nothing short of exciting! You are finally carving out your own spot in this wonderful area! However, when purchasing a home, it is smart to take a sober look at the home’s condition. Roof, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems can all have their own problems. Many of the homes in our area are old enough to have worn out systems and components. At Direct Inspections, our home inspections focus on all the major areas you should be paying attention to.

Here’s a few common issues we find:

-Electrical systems can have issues ranging from hazardous or obsolete electrical panels to wiring installed by the seller’s “very professional uncle.”
-Water leaks are a fairly common problem. Effected areas can develop molds and microbial growths. The solution is always the same. 1. Stop the moisture source. 2. Professionally clean/repair any damaged areas.
-Some parts of Sarasota County have had water quality issues which caused pinhole leaks in the copper plumbing, potentially requiring replacement of the plumbing supply lines.
-New construction homes have a randomness to their problems. The truth is, builders hire local subcontractors to build their homes. Sometimes they hire the best, but most often they hire “cost effective” contractors. This can lead to some suprises.
Rest assured, everything is fixable. It is always good to discover as much as possible about the home before you close. No matter what you purchase, getting a quality home inspection is in your best interest.
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