Wind Mitigation Inspection

Here’s another image we designed that aims to explain what a wind mitigation inspection is. The inspector will look over the house’s roof, attic and openings for their level of strength. Many older Florida homes have little to no modern protections against hurricane force winds and it is advisable to upgrade the home. Primarily, homeowners should do this to protect themselves and their family but there is also another benefit. Upgrading hurricane protection of your home can give you sizable discounts off your homeowners insurance premium.

The inspector will look at the year the house is built and the age of the roof(s). He or she will also look up in the attic to see if there are hurricane straps or clips installed – these primarily secure the trusses to the walls and hold the roof on against the uplift pressure of a hurricane. The inspector will also determine the nailing pattern of the roof decking to the trusses and the type of nails that were used as these are also very important. Lastly, the inspector will also look at the windows, doors and garage doors to determine their level of protection. The stronger the better!

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